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  • With regards to passport, visas and law matters an online registration is necessary.

    In order to register, please follow the link :




    Consular Section of the Embassy in Abu Dhabi performs duties in accordance with the Vienna Convention on consular relations in the United Arab Emirates. The basic scope of consular work encompasses:


    • facilitation and support for the movement of persons (by means of issuing visas, processing of applications for a residence permit in Poland etc.);
    • consular protection (assistance to Polish citizens in the territory of the United Arab Emirates);
    • legalization of documents and translations;
    • obtaining the documents for institutions and Polish citizens;
    • activities related to the Polish citizenship;
    • activities related to the issues of repatriation;
    • activities related to passports;
    • maintain the contacts with the Polish community

    Please note that all consular visits including visa issues are to be appointed by means of E-konsulat system only. Following rule applies to all clients with no exceptions. Prior to any visa application (regardless of the fact if it refers to a Schengen visa or a Polish domestic visa) submission, it has to be registered online on on the web-page:


    There is no possibility to submit the application without its prior registration online.


    More detailed data may be found at "Visas" section of this website.

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