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  • All foreign documents submitted at the Consular Section should be translated by a Polish Consul or an official translator, who is registered on the official list of translators of the Polish Ministry of Justice.


    Only translations from the language in which the document is written into Polish are correct translations. For example, documents in Arabic should be translated from Arabic to Polish and not from Arabic to English and then to Polish.


    Official translations from Arabic to Polish can be made in the Consular Section of the Polish Embassy in Abu Dhabi. Translations are subjected to a consular fee.


    The list of translators of the Polish Ministry of Justice can be found here:


    List of translators



    Translations from Arabic to Polish made by Arabic lawyers or offices who are not registered on the above-mentioned list are not accepted as official translations.


    These translations can be confirmed by the Consular Section and are subjected to a consular fee.


    Here you can find a sample list of the lawyers and notaries.


    Please remember that you use the services of any of the following persons on your own responsibility.


    List of lawyers and notaries can be found here


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